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Twixt Earth and Sky
Wendy Cicchetti
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How this remarkable Color Care System can help you...

Creating Balance and Transforming Lives

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In the past people have relied on others to tell them what to do and what they need. Aura-Soma empowers you to make these decisions for yourself. Aura-Soma is non-intrusive. No-one can know you better than you. You select bottles that appeal the most to you and, through color, they tell your story: your present, your challenges, your future and potential.

Scientists are beginning to discover the miracle that we are beings of Light - energy vibrating at different levels - each vibrational level projecting a color of the rainbow. All matter is just light vibrating at different frequencies. We are alive because a life force flows through us. This life force is regulated by subtle energy centers called chakras. Each chakra is in constant motion and resonates to a particular wavelength of color. When we feel "off color", one or more of these centers is out of balance. Aura-Soma is a self-selective, non-intrusive system that contains color, herbal and crystal energies which support and balance these vital energy centers.

It's easy. You simply select 4 bottles from the range of colored choices and this selection will reveal which are the most appropriate for you at this time. As you use the bottles, they nurture you with the precise energies you need by sympathetic resonance.

For most people, the first step in beginning to use Aura-Soma is to have a consultation with a trained Aura-Soma practitioner. We highly recommend the in person consultation process to accurately interpret the deep meaning of your color selections. Through your choices, your Aura-Soma practitioner will recommend which bottles to use to revitalize and create balance for you at all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Color has power. And there are many exciting ways you can benefit from color energy.

Color gives beauty and joy. Look around you. Color is everywhere, from nature to art, decor and fashion. It brightens your day and is an essential part of life. Yet it has qualities beyond aesthetics.

Color inspires action and change. Researchers in psychology have demonstrated that color accesses your deepest impulses and desires. And so, it can alter your moods and behavior. The advertising industry knows this – advertisers choose appropriate colors to instantly grab your attention, send a message and excite you to respond. Yet color has qualities beyond changing behavior.

Color offers deep insight. Perhaps the most exciting quality of color is that it can access your very essence. Within your essence lies your unique inner beauty and life purpose. With its unlimited potential for joy, change and deep insight, color energy can help you improve your well being and transform your life. It's your choice.

Now, through Aura-Soma self-care color energy products you can consciously use the power and potential of color to make positive changes in your life and help create your future.

Photography by Alex Slattery