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For Astrology, Tarot readings, Reiki Training schedules, and Aura-Soma consultations, contact Wendy.

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Phone Readings:

  • Natal analysis
  • Love and Compatibility
  • Childrens Astrology
  • Family Astrology
  • Locational
  • Predictive

Readings include a recording of the session, and a comprehensive natal report.


Phone Readings:

  • Rider/Waite

Readings include a recording of the session.


Aura-Soma consultations can be done online and are as affective as those done in person. Go to the Aura-Soma link and click on online reading and all the bottles will appear with instuctions for your reading.


Reiki Training

Level I - $250.00 - The training extends most of a day with 2 series of attunements spaced several hours apart. The intervening time is spent learning the history of Reiki, how to use it on yourself and others and how to adjust to the Reiki energy. The cost includes a personalized training manual.

Level II - $350.00 - The second degree of Reiki teaches a more active involvement in the healing process, directing a concentrated flow of Reiki to a specific point. Mental and emotional release for deep emotional healing is also introduced. A method for sending Reiki energy over great distances is taught and practiced. The training can be two, three hour sessions a few days apart or one, eight hour session with a two hour break for memorization purposes. The cost includes a personalized training manual.

Level III-I - $350 - The Master symbol and advanced healing techniques. Continuous Reiki flow.

Level III-II - $1000.00 - The third degree of Reiki, called Mastery, is usually sought by those who intend to teach and train others. However, there are some individuals who desire only to accelerate personal enlightenment. Mastery greatly intensifies the Reiki energy. You are given instruction on teaching Reiki and how to pass the energy on to others. This training requires five, three hour classes. The cost includes a personalized training manual.

For upcoming training classes, contact Wendy