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Wendy Cicchetti
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Kari Crockett, Park City, UT

"Wendy has done Astrology readings for both of our daughters, Jordan 3 1/2 years old, and Jada 5 months old. It has been such incredible help to have an understanding of their personalities (very different from one another), and how to handle certain situations! We loved the readings so much that we decided instead of giving baby presents, we will give the parents of the newborn, a reading from Wendy."

Jennifer Jacobs, Encinitas, CA

"So many powerful experiences transpired throughout my Reiki I training. Wendy is such a gracious teacher. Simply being in her presence and the sacred space she creates is a gift. During my activations many visuals, remembrances and powerful pieces of information came to me. I could feel the power of the forces being run through me and yet there was always a sense of gentleness underlying the power. This gentleness is the energy of Wendy. I feel grateful to have had such a powerful experience and know that the facilitator in which I was receiving my activation through was holding a clean and clear channel for me.

Thank you Wendy for coming into my life at this perfect intersection. Thank you for your generocity, clarity, healing, teaching and facilitating you so graciously share with me and many others. You truly are a gift to me, to
yourself and to the world."

Misty Tripoli, Los Angeles, CA

"I have been a skeptic of astrology and Metaphysical tools for most of my life, then I had the oppotunity to have a reading with Wendy. My experience was so powerful and authentic. I came away with information about myself and tools that have changed my life and the way I look at things. Knowing why I have a tendency to think and do things a certain way and that I have a choice in how I express my tendencies has made a profound impact on my life. The use of Aura-Soma has been an enlightening journey. The shifts I have made since I started using it are so empowering and positive, I can't imagine not using these amazing tools."

Nicole Sedmac, Los Angeles, CA

"Wendy has a thorough, in-depth knowledge of all things astrological. (and sometimes beyond!) As a result, her readings are incredibly informative and helpful and facilitated huge insights into my life and, additionally, my world."

Ofri Fuchs, Los Angeles, CA

"Wendy is a sent spirit made to help you make this world an easier place to battle through. Aside from having a motherly, kind, caring and loving personality that makes you want your sessions with her to never end - Wendy truly helps. I met her not knowing what to expect or what Aura-Soma even was, and ended up - two months later - graduating with a Reiki 2 certificate in hand. I find that without really understanding how Aura-Soma or the Reiki healing work, I have the ability to say "I don't really care as long as they do". And I promise that that's the case. All of a sudden my life has had its share of turning points and positive drama. It's as if I've received both the focus and the "push" that I was looking for. I'm positively hooked on Aura-Soma and I fall asleep with Reiki flowing in my hands and placed on my heart to help calm me down and sleep better. These are gifts that Wendy gave me for life. I Thank you."

Annette Elroy, Los Angeles, CA

"I was a little apprehensive about going for a reading with Wendy, even though I had wanted this for a long time. I sort of had that going to a new doctor feeling. Boy, could I have been more wrong. Wendy is such a beautiful and genuine lady that she made me feel so comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. We sat down to go over my chart and it unfolded such a mystery for me of why I had been where I had, and why I had done what I had done in my life. Talk about a road map of my life it was so right on! It was like not having to walk into a brick wall anymore. The chart told me it was o.k. to not go that way. It showed me things that I would not be able to change about my self but the many things that I could to compensate for the things that I couldn't. It was all there my likes, my dislikes, my loves and my periods of change. They were no longer mistakes. My eyes were opened so wide for the first time and a load was lifted off from me. When I left I felt so light, so positive and so free. I wanted to tell the whole world what I had just learned about myself and that they can have this experience too. But I knew that not everyone is open to this wonderful science and that I could only share it with very few. That is my gain and their loss. With what I learned about myself that day I no longer have to beat myself up over it. It is just like I'm short, so deal with it. The things that make up each one of us is no mistake but if we were more educated we could deal much better. I so wish that I could have had the courage to have this done when I was in college I would have saved myself a lot of headaches. I might have still made some of the same mistakes but I would have understood more why I made them. At the time I sought out Wendy I was really going through a lot of changes and I count her at the top of my list for helping me through those times. I can honestly say it was the most wisely spent time and money in my life!"

Kerry Stevenson, Santa Monica, CA

Wendy introduced me to the profound benefits of astrology with my first natal chart reading in 2005. I had no idea about moon signs, rising signs, or synastry! I was going through a dark time in my life, which I now know thanks to Wendy, was my “Saturn Return.” Wendy helped me see why my past was haunting me, what I needed to do to heal myself, and why I was so dissatisfied with my career. With a Sag sun, Gemini rising, and Aquarius on the midheaven, it’s no wonder I felt stifled by a monotonous, restrictive, 9-5 day job! Furthermore, I was able to see why my relationships weren’t working, with Pluto moving through my 7th house of partnerships for several years. With Wendy’s extreme intuition and insight, I’ve been able to learn more about myself based on my astrological imprint and develop a roadmap for the future. Through this process I’ve been able to overcome some major struggles, live my passions, and manifest the relationship of my dreams. I now have a guide to my “purpose in life” knowing what it means to have my North Node in Scorpio in the 5th House. Wendy will help guide you along your journey and provide you with tools for manifesting the life you were meant to live!

Lauren Nalder, Kirkland, WA

Over the years, I have referred several of my clients to Wendy so that they may gain additional insight into their interpersonal relationships and family dynamics.

As a mother of 7, Wendy brings her depth of knowledge and infinite wisdom to the table as she offers invaluable guidance to her clients which enlightens and empowers them. A talented and intelligent woman, Wendy has been a source of inspiration for me both personally and professionally

Cheryl Williams , Oceanside, CA

Wendy Cicchetti has been a friend, teacher and mentor of mine for a few years now. During the time I've known her, I have learned so many tools that have helped me on my path to finding my way in this life. Through Aura Soma, I've healed old wounds of the heart and am learning to love myself and in turn others. Becoming a Rekei Master was a major accomplishment for me and is something I did not only for myself, but as a way to help others, also. Being in tune with a higher energy frequency opens our hearts and minds to so many wonderful experiences. I've shared in moon ceremonies at Wendy and her husband Mark's home, and always came away with a new understanding of what it means to be part of this great universal energy. I can attribute much of my personal growth to my having met Wendy. Her astrology readings have also been beneficial to further understanding the direction I'm headed and the choices I can make.

Wendy lives her vision and dream of a peaceful and united planet, a new earth, built upon the foundations of love, compassion and wisdom.

Katja W., Los Angeles

Wendy is truly amazing! If you have ever considered getting a professional horoscope reading but are skeptical of the process, Wendy will blow your mind! It's money well spent.

Sherri Smith, Ontario, Canada

I was blessed to have Wendy arrive in my life at a major point of transition for me. My life was moving in a new direction and I needed clarity and guidance with the steps I was taking. Her concise, assured and warm deliverance of information gave me the confidence to step into my power and move beyond my limitations. I started to look at my life with different eyes and realized how vast and endless the opportunities were for me. What is so beautiful about Wendy's work is that it doesn't are gifted with invaluable information to allow you to make a grounded decision but much like the mother that she is, she will gently nudge you to greater things with her monthly newsletter. You begin to understand on a greater level that you are not alone, and there are energies to support the changes when it is your time. I recall her words "its time to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down" and they resonated with me. So I did. Incredibly, I learned I could fly. I am now operating my own business and enjoying the successes and pleasures of doing something I truly love.

I will continue to receive guidance through her very accurate and informative readings. It has been a lifeline for me in some very uncertain times. She has touched my life in a profound way.

Heidi Llovett LA, CA

Wendy has been my astrological advisor for the past several years and has guided me through some very challenging times. She is straight forward and honest but always tender and optimistic. Being able to seek her advise when issues arise has been extremely helpful, comforting and insightful. I always leave our readings with positive steps to take to move forward and ways to improve myself on a deeper level. I truly appreciate her knowledge and wisdom and have learned a lot about myself through our work together. I would highly recommend her to everyone I know.

Sarah Walton Pada, Tenefly, NJ

Wendy can present information in a way that is clear, concise and easy to understand and implement. She's made a difference for me when I'm facing tough decisions, things don't make sense, or I feel as though I'm a bit off. As a regular contributor to our site, we consistently get comments from mothers who say her description of children's astrology is spot on. Wendy knows her stuff.

Lindy McHutchinson, Durham, NC

I have been working with Wendy for several years. I use her 2 ways. First, I usually have full readings every 18 months or so to provide vision into my overall destiny. Secondly, I occasionally have short interval readings when life’s crossroads create confusion. Wendy’s astrological knowledge, insight and intuition blend into her uncanny ability to delve correctly into people’s character, situations, lives and future. Her advice, guidance and ability to center have many times provided understanding and reason to my life’s challenges and crossroads creating balance, a sense of calm and a sense of direction. I marvel at her accuracy and correctness.  I greatly appreciate Wendy’s presence in my life. She has been a gift.  

Susan Luddeke, Durham, NC

Wendy is a remarkable astrologist, a few years ago I was going through my Saturn return (a very challenging time) and she was amazingly accurate about many of the events that were occurring and would occur in my life in the future. Her guidance is holistic and positive, and I continue to seek her advice and perspective on my Chart whenever I feel I need clarity.

Ellie, Vista CA

I remember that first Reiki atunement that you gave me. I saw a very tall thin  Angel  dressed in white and She/He blew onto my feet. The color pink went into my toes and all the way up my body. I shot out of my throat Chakra and became red. It then went into a spiral of blue that turned to purple. I believe that it was at this moment that my art was awakened in me. You have been a divine healing part of my life. I don't know who I would be today had you not seen the need to intervene on my behalf. The love and gratitude that I have for you runs deep. My work is a reflection of your tireless mentoring and loving heart. I only wish that those who have not found the secret to true happiness could find what I've found with in myself. In my mind this is truely the only way I can convey the beauty of where we all come from.

Peggy Lauer, Vista, CA

“Wendy Cicchetti holds the space for a spiritual shift and offers many tools you may need to get out of your own way to your higher purpose. I trust her intuition and her sage, practical advice on relationships of all kinds. She has encouraged me, challenged me, and invited me into her warm heart full of love, and into the community she creates wherever she is. "