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Astrology - Full Initial Life Reading with comprehensive holistic personality profile by Wendy, current transits and three years of prediction


Astrology - Holistic interpretation for a child


Astrology - Family Constellation interpretation (Mother, Father, Child)


Astrology - Locational interpretation


Astrology - Love and Relationship - How your natal chart describes your path to love


Astrology - Yearly Transits and Solar Returns


Astrology - Compatibility interpretation - How your chart intermeshes with someone you are in a relatonship with - lover or business


Astrology - Lifetime Saturn Transit Calendar


Astrology - Computer Reports (Natal)


Astrology - Computer Reports (Karmic/Past Life)


Astrology - Computer Reports (Yearly Forecast)


Astrology - Computer Reports (Compatibility)


Astrology - Computer Reports (Child's Natal)


Reiki I Training


Reiki II Training


Reiki III Level I Training


Reiki III Teacher Training


Aura-Soma Consultation

Bottle #

Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle ($67.50 each + S/H)


Aura-Soma Pomander ($57.50 each + S/H)


Aura-Soma Quintessence ($57.50 each + S/H)


Tarot Reading ($2.50 per minute, 15 minute minimum)


Astrology - Mini Reading


Words of Love for Men - Paperback


Words of Love for Men - Downloadable



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