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Akashic Records Reading


Akashic Records Classes Learn to access your Akashic Record
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Full Initial Life Reading with comprehensive holistic personality profile by Wendy, current transits and three years of prediction


Birthtime Rectification This is a highly specialized process to zero in on your birth time when there is no other way to know.


Child's Life Reading with comprehensive holistic personality profile by Wendy


Family Constellation interpretation (Mother, Father, Child)


Locational interpretation Find out what cities support you with the best energy


Yearly Transits and Solar Returns


Compatibility interpretation - How your chart intermeshes with someone you are in a relatonship with - lover or business


Tarot Reading ($4.25 per minute, 15 minute minimum)


Mini Reading


Natal Report - A computer generated listing of your charts 'hot spots' with some interpretation.


My book Words of Love for Men - Paperback


My book Words of Love for Men - Downloadable



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