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By Celestial Design

Jupiter in Aquarius

Thank God for Jupiter. Without Jupiter, there would be no ​growth, no optimism​ and no expansion. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and has the magical quality of expanding everything it touches​. Jupiter is also the planet of ​consensus and coherence​ – Jupiter connects the dots to find a greater and more meaningful whole. Jupiter doesn't like ambiguity and helps us stay focused on our goals, so that we don’t get side-tracked. 

Jupiter is the planet of justice, morals, and what everyone agrees on. We all agree on some basic principles, such as human rights, or that we need health and education to function as a society. Jupiter doesn’t operate like Mars. Jupiter will not try to force you into doing something against your will – instead, Jupiter will try to convince you. And if you have a valid point to raise, Jupiter will take this into consideration to come up with an even better, overarching ‘formula’.

Jupiter promotes a  sense of inner coherence, and when things start to feel ‘right’, faith naturally emerges.  Even when you’re far from reaching your goal, even when the whole world seems to go against you, Jupiter gives you that inner faith that things will eventually work out. The trick here, and the reason why this approach works, is that at this level, you BECOME Jupiter. Jupiter is the massive gas bubble with the highest gravitation mass, and just like Jupiter, you too will start to attract exactly those circumstances that will help you achieve your goals

Finally, the last and the most important Jupiter attribute is “​belief​”. Belief is more than faith. If having faith simply means holding hope that things will turn out well, a belief is an overarching principle that guides you in everything you do. Beliefs are the most powerful force in the universe. Our beliefs encompass our religious choices, our political views, and our lifestyle. These beliefs govern our lives, and our results and accomplishments (Saturn) are a direct consequence of these beliefs.

When we have healthy Jupiter beliefs (a consequence of having done the honest, Mars work), these beliefs are a natural extension of ourselves and how we can contribute to the greater good of society. When we don’t do the Mars work, these beliefs, of course, are not a natural expression of who we are, but a reflection of what society tells us to believe. If you don’t reach your goals, take an honest look at your beliefs. Are they really yours? If not, go back to Mars.  Having sound beliefs is not enough. There comes a time when we move from theory (Jupiter) to practice (Saturn) and take risks. And it is Jupiter’s task to drive this final push. At this level, we don’t know yet how we are going to make it. But unless we try, we will never find out.