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Neptune in Pisces

This phase of Neptune began on April 4, 2011 and lasts through September 16, 2011. Then after a retrograde cycle, continues from February 3, 2012 for fourteen more years. So how influential is Neptune? This distant planet has been in the sign of Aquarius since 1998. Aquarius is the sign that rules, technology, the Internet, inventions, television, group interactions, and the popular culture of the day.

Neptune’s natural home is in Pisces, intensifying the spiritual energy of this planetary transit. Neptune is the ruler of the underworld. You can choose to bask in the intriguing depths of your soul, or sink into the murkiness of your fears, addictions and resentments. This phase began on April 4, 2011 and lasted through September 16, 2011, and after a retrograde cycle, continues from February 3, 2012 for fourteen more years.

The web has gone through revolutionary creative change during the Neptune in Aquarius era. In 1998, the lack of high-speed Internet destroyed most hopeful .coms. Thirteen years later, Hulu, YouTube, smartphones, mobile apps, and Google are part of our everyday world. Thanks to digital editing software, the artistic landscape is no longer limited to the giant movie studios and selective gallery owners. Writers can self-publish eBooks, and India has proven a cheap source of Internet outsourcing. Reality TV, Idol and XFactor, sex tape scandals, to crimes caught on camera phones, people’s secrets have gone viral. Neptune is known for exposing the world’s dirt, and in Aquarius, through technology.

As Neptune began its fifteen-year tour through Pisces, we may see horrible truths captured by a cell phone. And instead of entertainment's shock value, compassionate Pisces calls our attention to the real world crises happening around the globe. This will be used for good, however. For example,, which has introduced a revolutionary way of reporting news. Both a print magazine and an online network, this women’s rights organization, started by Jesine Larsen, allows people to report on human rights issues directly from their cell phones. Many are finding support and solace in each other’s stories. Though World Pulse is still widely unknown to the average Westerner, people may finally wake up from the privileged slumber in 2012, and pay attention to stories of injustice as well as the triumphs surrounding them.

We will see transformation on a broad, societal scale. As tasteless reality shows fall from grace, a new group will be blessed; mystics, intuitive healers, poets, dancers, dreamers, people on missions of charity, and all the artistic and compassionate areas ruled by Pisces will come to the forefront. People who know how to dance between the light and the shadows of human conscious will be the new world heroes. Therapists and energy healers may soon become as ubiquitous as personal trainers.

With Neptune in Pisces, true masters will stand out again even if they are using a digital medium for their precious and painstaking processes. Some things simply can’t be created with the two-second addition of a digital filter. Work that moves people through a multisensory experience will be the new rage. Lights, music, visuals, aromas, and new dimensions; all apart of the new extremes.

Vampires may go out and the mythical creatures come in as fairies, angels, mermaids and other sea creatures will dominate the cultural landscape, influencing the shows you watch, the clothes you wear, and the music you listen to. Your spiritual guidance counselor will be more in demand and in need these coming years.

With Neptune ruling the seas and Pisces being a water sign, blue will become the new green. The atrocities left behind from the BP spill have opened up conversations about the polluted ocean. There are more “inconvenient truths” to deal with when it comes to conserving and creating clean and safe water, preserving underwater wildlife and keeping beaches safe for swimming. (The documentary Blue Gold shows how big corporations are already capitalizing on this.) Cleaning up of the wreckage of hurricanes and floods will continue to consume resources, but scientists may invent creative new ways to clean up these messes and also new ways to predict storms in the coming decade.