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Saturn Conjunct Pluto

2020 starts off with a tough Saturn-Pluto conjunction that occurs only every 34 yrs. When these two heavy-hitters get together, they signal a slow evolutionary process that destroys the old foundations and builds new ones through economic transitions and downtrends, hardship and loss. The best way to deal with this Saturn-Pluto conjunction, it to build a solid foundation and be prepared and you'll be ready to weather anything that comes your way.

Their orb of influence of 10 degrees last through January 2021. This war-like influence will last long after January. Their destructive combined influence will need a long time to revamp and clean up and then time to create new, more productive pathways moving forward.

Jupiter adds to the mix in February adding to the explosive energies. Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn where it's in its fall, meaning it is in a poverty-stricken state, and without power. So happy-go-lucky Jupiter's does not ameliorate the harsh energies as it normally would.

So, as such, the war-like energies of Saturn conjunct Pluto will march forward without the help they need to soften the blow.