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Global Trends

Global Chaos

Uranus Square Pluto

Starting in 2011 and continuing for the next six years there is a significant and chaos producing astrological pattern involving two malefic planets, Uranus and Pluto, which are creating dramatic changes throughout the world. They will be forming a series of squares or 90 degree angles during this time. Squares always produce tension and are archetypes in conflict. These tension producing aspects can be characterized by global social upheaval, worldwide environmental disasters and even global economic collapse. read more

Pluto in Capricorn

January 2008 - November 2024

In order to keep a finger on the pulse of world events, astrologers watch for significant changes in planetary activity. There is indeed major planetary activity which began in 2008 and will be affecting global change for many years to come unlike anything we have experienced in many decades. Pluto will remain in the sign of Capricorn for 16 years, until December of 2020.

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Saturn in Sagittarius

December 2014 - December 2017

On December 23, 2014, Saturn left the sign of Scorpio and moved into Sagittarius, where it remains, except for a brief retrograde back into Scorpio from mid June to mid September, until December 19, 2017. Every 28-30 years, Saturn does its work in each sign, for a 2-3 year period of time, and through pain and challenge pushes us to do the necessary work to gain the reward.

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Uranus in Aries

March 2011 - May 2018

In March of 2011, Uranus left the Mutable sign of Pisces and moved into the Cardinal sign of action oriented and impulsive Aries, adding to Uranus's already unpredictable nature. (Uranus will stay in the sign of Aries until May of 2018) How is this affecting us?

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Neptune in Pisces

April 2011 - February 2026

This phase of Neptune began on April 4, 2011 and lasts through September 16, 2011. Then after a retrograde cycle, continues from February 3, 2012 for fourteen more years. So how influential is Neptune? This distant planet has been in the sign of Aquarius since 1998. Aquarius is the sign that rules, technology, the Internet, inventions, television, group interactions, and the popular culture of the day.

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Jupiter in Scorpio

October 10, 2017 - November 9, 2018

Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, growth, generosity, joy, good fortune, and abundance. Every year, benefic Jupiter changes signs bringing us new opportunities to expand. However, Jupiter is the most mysterious of planets. It is the planet of good luck but where and how the blessings may manifest is just a guess. What Jupiter expands depends on what connections are made globally and in ones own chart.

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Chiron in Pisces

February 2011 - February 2019

Chiron, the celestial body known as The Wounded Healer, whose mission is to support the greater good, will join Neptune in Pisces from February 8, 2011 through February 18, 2019. Religion falls under the rule of Pisces, and the Middle East crisis will come under greater international focus. Muslims versus Jews? Catholics versus Protestants? This senseless conflict has been passing as religion for far too long a time.

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