November 14, 2016



All of the chaos, anger and violent dissent is a part of the Astrological energies in play and ones that have been in play since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn, coupled with the aggressive and disruptive energies of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn. It is important that you understand that these are energies of revolution and radical change-- a reboot as it were -- pushing humanity further down an evolutionary path. If countries have evolved in consciousness, where taking care of people and the planet are a priority, they will not be involved in the type of restructuring mess we are in, in the United States and in Europe. Our country must learn the lessons of failure due to corruption and that bowing to global money interests will not lend credibility and sustainability and will destroy us. Our elections have been the catalyst for bursting the festering emotional boil of our populous. It is now an open wound needing to be healed.

These are powerful energies which have been building since 2008 and will be dancing out their intense massages of revolt and reform through 2019 for Uranuses involvement and 2024 when Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius. They involve the breakdown of corrupt governments and corrupt profit centered businesses and corporations. These restructuring energies are designed to expose the dark secrets and awaken the people to create substantive and even radical change so we can survive as a species with a livable planet. The choices we make now are critical to that survival.

Our greatest power lies in our ability to respond, to stop and pause long enough so that one can choose the most appropriate response for their highest good and for the highest good of all. This is not the time for guttural anger and thoughtless lashing out. This is the time to listen to and be guided by Spirit to move you in the right direction out of love, gratitude and service. Yes, there needs to be justice and accountability within our government, our politicians and corporations. But, remember that change must come from a higher and more intelligent level than what caused the problems we are trying to correct. Consult Creator for appropriate answers and directions for action.

Stay tuned in, be fearless and spread YOUR light and love.

Wendy Cicchetti

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Taurus Full Moon, Super Moon, November 14, at 5:52 am PST and 8:52 am EST at 23 degrees

This Taurus Full Moon is the most powerful Supermoon since January 25, 1948. This is the second of three Supermoons in a row. However, this one tomorrow will be the biggest and brightest of the three. This is due to the Moon being closer to the earth than it has been in many decades and the biggest this century. So for most of us, it will appear bigger than we have seen in our lifetime. If you look at it when the Moon is nearer to the horizon, this can create an optical illusion which makes it appear even more spectacular. The next somewhat smaller Supermoon will occur on December 13th. With the Moon's closer proximity to the earth, the affect on the tides will be greater as will the magnetic pull on the earth in general, affecting our emotional bodies as well.

We are also experiencing a T-square aspect with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. These energies are designed to expose the shadowy energies and hidden agendas of large organizations around the globe. These include religions, corporations and governments. This is break-up and shake-up time. The only ones that will make it through, are those that are genuine with integrity. And as our eyes are opened, we cannot go back to sleep.

This is also a time where righteous indignation and fanaticism can achieve center stage. We want to take a deep look at what is motivating these extreme behaviors to find the fear. Anger is always a byproduct of fear of loss. This is a time to trust that we will end up in a better place after these turbulent times and energies have passed. Ask yourself what do you fear the most and then thank Creator (whatever that means for you) for removing the fear and replacing it with faith and right action. In every crisis there is a gift. Your job is to find it.

Written by Wendy Cicchetti


A Full Moon symbolizes the fulfillment of the seeds planted at a previous New Moon or some earlier cycle. Each Full Moon reminds us of the seeds that may be coming to maturity, to their fullness, to fruition, to the place where the fruits or gifts are received. It may seem that fulfillment of our goals takes a long time. Some intentions may manifest within the two week phase prior to the next New or Full Moon. Some however, depending on their complexity, may take a much longer time. Just remember that our thoughts and emotions set Universal Action in motion and much work takes place behind the scenes as everything is orchestrated for fulfillment. Keep visualizing your goals as though you have already attained them and they will eventually manifest. Do not concern yourself with current conditions or worry about controlling it. The universe takes care of those details. Just keep seeing what you want, and move in that direction with your actions, and give no energy to what you don't want. Patience is required.


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